Pumps, valves and system components for household appliances


Sysko AG, which is based in Switzerland and has a branch in Germany, specialises in oscillating piston pumps and solenoid valves, and develops other specific components and systems for its domestic and international customers in the household appliance industry. Our head office in Switzerland – the country with the greatest expertise in coffee processing – enables us to keep our finger on the pulse of market developments, and ensures that we are at the forefront when it comes to new trends. Our highly qualified, innovative employees can therefore guarantee the very highest Swiss standards. Our logistics centre in the heart of Europe enables us to supply our customers reliably and promptly and with optimum costs.

Our durable products are used in coffee makers and espresso machines, as well as in vending machines, steam ironing stations and steam cleaners, and have been deployed by numerous leading manufacturers for many years. References are available on request.

If you are unable to find a suitable solution among our wide range of products, our engineers will be happy to develop tailor-made solutions to suit your specific requirements. Thanks to the use of innovative manufacturing technology, years of experience and vast expertise, we can even provide solutions for those complex problems that are beyond the capabilities of other suppliers.


  • SPX high-pressure pumps up to 21 bar

    SPX high-pressure pumps up to 21 bar

  • SPX medium-pressure pumps up to 15 bar

    SPX medium-pressure pumps up to 15 bar

  • SPQ low-pressure pumps up to 3 bar

    SPQ low-pressure pumps up to 3 bar

Various applications

  • Electric iron

  • Coffee machine

  • Fully automated coffee machine

  • Beverage vending machine

  • Food steamer

  • Floor cleaning machine